All filters are guaranteed to be free from any defect during their recomended service life. in the event of engine damage caused by our filters, we will pay the cost of restoring the engine to the condition before the failure. Any other losses or consequential damamges are not covered by the warranty.

Whilst we have taken every care in compiling the information contained on this website, its accuracy cannot be absolutely guaranteed and it should therefore be used for guidance only. Please report any errors or omissions which you may notice to us, so that the corrections can be incorporated.

If you have used all the sections of our website and you are still uncertain whether a filter is the correct one for your application, do not use it until you have checked with us. In any event do not use a filter if it does not seal properly. We are not responsible if you use the wrong filter for the purpose and any markings on the filter are purely for identification, we have no connections with engine manufacturers and they make changes without notification which can effect the choice of filter

If it should happen that a correctly fitted filter from this catalogue causes you a problem please;

- Keep the faulty filter and notify us as soon as possible

- Once we are aware of the problem we will probably request the return of the filter in the state it was when it failed. return it in a water tight container. do not work on it, alter it, or damage it further

- Keep any documentation relating to the engine repairs in support of your claim.


Deliveries should be checked against the delivery notes within 48hours of receipt from us. Any discrepanmcies or damaged goods must be reported to us within this timeframe. In the case of damaged goods please provide photographic evidence showing the described damage for us to assess.


Should you purchase goods which you no longer require, you may return these to ourselves within 7 days. After this period items will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.

Special order items & genuine spares are non returnable.