Clipper Pro 4x4 Explorer 300mm Multi Material Blade (25.4mm Bore)

  • Part Number:
  • 70184602023

Pro 4x4 Explorer Blade

Dimensions (D x B): 300mm x 25.4mm

Segments (H/W): 12/3mm

Machine Type: Cut-off saw, Masonry Saw, Floor Saw


Suitable for cutting

- Reinforced Concrete

- Asphalt

- Concrete Pipes

- Breeze Blocks

- Bricks



- Designed for Multipurpose cutting of the most demanding of materials

- Extreme fast cutting performance

- I-HD technology delivers exceptionally longer life vs laser welded blades

- Up to 12mm segment height for more cuts per wheel

- Trapezoid shaped segments give a comfortable, smoother cut with lower vibration levels

- Patented cut depth indicator allows better visibility of cut depth when in use

- Patented drop shaped gullets prevents fatigue cracks even when cutting thick metal

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